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Our Mission

Challenging in-app communications, by empowering developers with cutting edge technology, contextual communications and simple tools.

Voice Service

Add voice and messaging experiences to your mobile or web applications. With a carrier agnostic platform, a global network and a simple API, adding voice/messaging services to your existing/new applications is a breeze.

Mobile SDK

The Cloudonix Mobile SDK ensures the best audio quality and services, while keeping the development overhead simple and economical. Our team of expert developers will assist your development and guide you – we’ll never let you fail your integration.

Fully Secured

ALL of our transactions and sessions are secured and encrypted. Coupled with our ISO 27001 certifications, GDPR and HIPPA compliancy – our services are not only Enterprise ready, they are Enterprise Secured and Proven. 

Rich APIs

Cloudonix provides an extensive set of APIs, enabling you to develop your voice/messaging experience as you need. Using the Cloudonix APIs and Mobile SDK, turning your mobile application into an up-selling tool or consumer support tool – a breeze.


Astonish your users and boost your revenues with the Cloudonix unique technology


By empowering multiple market verticals, offers a set of REST APIs and mobile development SDKs, providing an economical, end-to-end solution for expanding communication services.



A carrier grade VoIP switching platform, ranging from mobile video applications, through MVNO, to VoIP termination services, the Cloudonix Platform enables rapid development, deployment and ROI.


Cloudonix enables enterprises to go beyond the communication tools and applications, creating a whole new realm of
“Communication Experiences”. Ranging from your basic IVR experiences, all the way up to “Mobile Aware Contextual Communications”, Cloudonix is painless, simple and economical.


Cloudonix is the world’s first true un-carrier cloud platform. Designed by VoIP experts and Cloud infrastructure experts, it combines the best of both worlds. The elastic nature of the cloud with the predictability and reliability of the telecom industry. 


Elastic as the cloud, Cloudonix extends beyond the realms of traditional telecom thinking. Regardless how big your application may be, Cloudonix is capable of scaling up, by factors of up to 20 times its current size, within minutes. 


Cloudonix isn’t bound to the traditional carrier world, as such, it is not bound by its limiting business models. Per minute, per DID number, per device – these models are obsolete and redundant. Cloudonix’s business model is simple and predictable. 


Creating a service or application isn’t easy, it requires great attention and much investment. Cloudonix takes much of the complexity, of creating RTC applications or services, completely out of the game. Providing a ‘shrink-wrapped’ thinking methodology for product/service development.


Developers are the modern days’ wizards and knights. Masters of the keyboard and warriors of the cloud. Cloudonix enables these seasoned experts with new tools, enabling them to move faster, further and most importantly, in a way that makes to them – by developers, for developers.


Cloudonix delivers maximum communication to a range of verticals


One of our many
success stories

Large US Retail Company Boosts Revenue
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One of our many
success stories

Large US Retail Company Boosts Revenue
Read More

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Cloudonix Committed to the Telecom Exchange Manifesto: Network Security

Cloudonix is proud to support the Telecom Exchange Manifesto: Network Security   If It Can Be Hacked… Network Security & The New Reality “At Cloudonix we have always believed that security should be part of the full design and plan of any network. ” Said, Eric Klein, CISO and COO of Cloudonix.  “So we are happy to support this initiative.”   More details about this manifesto can be found at:  Manifesto: Network Security  

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0800 Numbers are killing your business

0800 numbers, we have come to love them. They had become so rooted into our culture and economic system, that in some countries, they are a regulatory requirement for enterprises facing consumers. Can you imagine your life without calling your credit card company or your bank? If they don’t supply you with an 0800 number, you are most probably surprised. However, the truth of the matter is, 0800 numbers are literally killing companies cash flow and may cause significant financial losses – and the enterprises can’t do anything about it. The technical model An 0800 number will normally be associated

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