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Connecting Passengers and Drivers - Securely and Privately

Driver to Passenger Calling, powered by Cloudonix

Working through a global partners - a South East Asian ride hailing service -  enables communications between passenger and driver - using the Cloudonix In-App Communications Solution.

Customer Description

Rideshare has overtaken the world and with it, the challenges for high-quality, secured and private communications grows. These services make extensive use of communication services, normally rendered by “application specific” communication vendors. Be it “Call Masking” or “SMS Services”, the prolithera of solutions and service vendors is mind boggling.

One of our ISV partners, located in South East Asia, provides communications services to some local ride hailing services. Originally performing via traditional phone lines, the customer wanted to migrate to in-app VoIP calling, to enable enhanced security and improved privacy. 

The Challenge

With the growing number of “temporal work force” marketplaces, the number of opportunities for people around the world to expand their income flows grows. However, just like any other marketplace, the ability of the marketplace to full vet out service providers becomes complicated. This rapidly growing industry, coupled with the challenge above creates a fertile environment for both fraud and misconduct.

Our ISV partner (and their customers) described the challenges as following:

  • Prevention of misconduct – ensure the full privacy of communications between service provider and customer
  • Emergency Response – provide service providers and customers a means of activating an “emergency response button” in the mobile application, promoting an enhanced feeling of security for both
  • Reduced Costs – Ensure a flat-rated billing model for communications services, regardless of the location around the world
  • Unified Solution – Ensure the solution is identical across the entire world, not required multiple service providers per region or country.

The Selected Solution

The ISV decided to implement a hybrid solution approach – meeting all the above challenges and resolving them. By integrating the ISV’s existing communications platform with Cloudonix, the ISV managed to roll out a complete product offering. While doing so, the ISV performed very little changes to their existing service, ensuring that their customers were not affected by the transition.

The technical solution included the following:

  • mobile SDK for VoIP integration
  • A dual-homed SIP interconnect between the Cloudonix cloud and the ISV communications platform
  • Normal carrier interconnects were converted from a direct ISV connection, to pass via the Cloudonix platform. This interconnect enabled the ISV to reduce the number of interconnects and promoted traditional telephony cost savings
  • A fully secured solution – utilizing Cloudonix’s TLS and SRTP transits for all devices
  • A highly secured call control capability, using Cloudonix’s RegFree Dialing™ Technology

Reinvent Your Customer Experience with In-App Communications

Be it a mobile application or a web application, your customers are the key to your success. As demands for a better customer experience grow, companies are racing towards a complete contextual communications experience. Providing customers with a complete in-app communications solution.

Companies as Uber invested millions into creating their own in-app communications capability – aiming for a complete application/communications ubiquitous customer experience. However, most companies are unable to develop a complete in-house solution – and thus, tend to fallback to the old traditional telephony capabilities.

Cloudonix’s mobile SDK and Smart Cloud Voice platform enable in-app communications to be developed at ease, ensuring that your business focuses on what’s important – while Cloudonix’s platform will take care of all the rest.

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