Large US Retail Company Boosts Revenue

The company sought a high-quality communication platform for providing their users with a free and secure in-app service. Such platforms are hard to come by, as most are priced according to the quantity of users and messages sent. Thanks to our unique technology and pricing plan, the customer chose Cloudonix WeCloud™ and has since increased revenues, decreased expenses, and has millions of satisfied users who send high quality and secure voice, video, and text messages to their hearts’ content. They were also able to add contextual features to their service that were not possible with any other platform.

APAC Corporation Increases Customer Satisfaction

Based in the Philippines, this large-scale company needed a platform that would consolidate their content and network services and provide great in-app user experience. By choosing Cloudonix YouCloud™, this customer now delivers high-quality voice capabilities with their games, information, and person-to-person services – even in areas with low connectivity. As a result of the special Cloudonix pricing plan, the company was able to grow, evolve, and support millions of subscribers and meet the demands of the changing marketplace.

Tier 1 Mobile Operator Reduces Costs

Maintaining, upgrading, or replacing outdated telephony systems requires know-how, time and money – resources that companies cannot or may not always wish to invest. Moreover, in many cases, the end-results and the bottom line are far from being satisfactory.

Recognizing this led our mobile operator to Cloudonix, in search of a way to replace their outdated Intelligent Network (IN) services with a platform that would be feasible, affordable, and simple to deploy. By implementing the Cloudonix YouCloud™, they were able to completely replace their outdated systems, providing their users first with high-quality voice mail services and gradually adding text and video messaging capabilities as well. Their users are delighted with the results.

Enhanced UX for Leading Telecom Company

Deploying cutting-edge telephony networks is a great way to penetrate new markets, generate revenues, and increase customer loyalty. Yet, doing so can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. In order to revolutionize its users’ experience on a global scale, this leading telecom provider integrated the Cloudonix YouCloud™ platform. Thanks to the smooth integration and unique pricing method, a large range of businesses and individual consumers are already enjoying a unique user experience that includes high-quality and reliable technology.

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