Smart Cloud Messaging

Beyond SMS, Touching Your Customers with In-App Messaging

Smart Messaging, your business - your rules

Build limitless messaging engagements that are not limited to SMS. Create collaborative messaging experiences, in-app or in-web, that fit for your business like a glove.

Robust Messaging API

Build 1-to-1 or multi-party messaging experiences, with in-app or in-web. A single WebSocket based API rules them all.

Connect Anything

Create text messaging or IoT, the Cloudonix messaging bus is payload agnostic - your application, your rules.

Security By Design

All message history is stored in an encrypted storage, accessible only to the account holder. 

Disruptive Business Model

Unlike others, we don't charge by the message. Our flat rate pricing is simple - so that you can scale your business at ease.

Support When Needed

Connect to our support teams via #slack, to ensure rapid response to any query or issue.

Cross Cloud Native Infrastructure

Our global network spans multiple cloud providers, ensuring that your service is never disrupted or media quality degraded. Leveraging our experience with carrier class platforms and web-scale technologies, Cloudonix takes cloud scalability to new heights.

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