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Mobile SDK Downloads

Release Notes 5.2.24

Date: 2019-10-07

Issues Fixed
#1874 : Additional work to handle call disconnect quickly
#1928 : When disconnecting due to media timeout, only one onCallState event should be sent.
#1933 : Fixed "transport not supported" error that can occur if a network change has happened during registration or in a few other edge cases.
#1938 : New configuration setting SIP_NEGOTIATION_TIMEOUT to control how long the SDK will wait for a SIP provisional response before deciding the call cannot complete. Default: 3000 ms.

#1921 : If a call was terminated while Speakerphone was enabled, the Speakerphone state should be reset for the next call.
#1955 : Fixed issue with automatic foreground service notification not going away at the end of a call.

Known Issues
#426 - On Android, SDK cannot use NAT64 networks. This is a limitation of the operating system. Use dual-stack SIP servers to support IPv6 only clients.
#365 - WiFi to WiFi handoff can cause the call to disconnect if the handoff is too slow (~30 seconds), especially using TLS transport.
#135 - DNS SRV isn't supported.

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