Increase your savings

Increase Your Savings
and Revenues

We truly believe that you should be able to evolve and grow, which is why we developed our scalable pricing plan with your success in mind. With Cloudonix, you can continue to provide your customers and users with excellent communication services and at prices you can afford. Rest assured you can expand your business and increase your customer base knowing that our prices are always reasonable and feasible.

Security by Design - Our Top Priority

One of the most important and complex issues that organizations currently face ensuring the privacy and security of their users and customers. Cloudonix is extremely secure as  it is IP-based. Users personal details, such as phone numbers and bank account details, are not exposed to the service providers or other users, thereby ensuring their personal privacy, preventing security breaches, and enhancing your reputation.

Security by Dsign
High Quality

Quality is the Name of the Game

Provide your users and customers with high-quality, real-time text, video, and voice messaging services using Cloudonix – a state-of-the-art communication tool developed especially for you. Cloudonix is compliant with leading international standards, including HIPAA, FCA and GDPR, and enables your users to connect with you anytime, anywhere, even in places with poor communication coverage and connection.

Simple, Smooth and
Seamless Integration

Applying the Cloudonix platform to your app or service is fast and simple and we will help you every step of the way. Your users will be amazed not only at the speed of the system downloads and communication, but also how light it is on their devices and memory, storage, and battery. That is why Cloudonix is the best solution for you and your customers.
Simple Integration