Cloudonix and Yealink Announce Interoperability Certification

November 20, 2018 (Netanya / Xiamen) Cloudonix, the game changing cloud communications backbone, is glad to announce their official certified of Yealink phones. This certification comes after the rigorous tests of Yealink phones to ensure the ease of connectivity and the best-quality service for customers. The Yealink phone joins over 22,000 devices and VoIP providers that have been certified to work on the Cloudonix platform. Customers of Yealink phone product series can benefit from its high quality, easy deployment, broad interoperability, and attractive pricing. Yealink products are equipped with advanced industry technology to ensure better products performance and exhibit high definition audio or video experience, as well as impress users with rich features and various value-added functions. “Yealink is one of the most popular desk phone providers for enterprises and contact centers”, said Eric Klein, COO of Cloudonix. He continued, “We are pleased to certify Yealink as part of the Cloudonix ecosystem. Enterprises can be assured that they can get maximum communications out of the addition of Cloudonix to their Yealink based call center.” “Yealink is always pleased to work with outstanding communication service providers like Cloudonix to enable our users to enjoy the pleasure brought by unified communication solutions,” said Yealink Vice President Stone Lu. “We believe customers of Cloudonix will be impressed by the integrated solution and benefit from it to meet their communication needs.” Yealink and Cloudonix teams both look forward to further continued relationship in enabling call centers in the future.

About Cloudonix:

Cloudonix® offers top-notch, high-quality voice, text and video communication services that enable apps, enterprises and telecom companies to boost customer retention, ensure privacy, reduce costs and increase revenues. This unique service is configured to suit all communication devices, from phones to connected cars, providing secure and scalable IP-based services for consumers worldwide. Cloudonix delivers maximum communication anywhere, anytime – even in areas with low connectivity. A subsidiary of Greenfield, Cloudonix is HIPAA, FCA and GDPR compliant, with a proven track record that spans 10 years and over 10 million users across the globe. More information is available at LinkedIn| Facebook| Twitter Contact Maor Rudick Cloudonix +1 805 410 1010 About Yealink Founded in 2001, Yealink (Stock Code: 300628) is a multinational corporation that dedicates itself to developing video, voice and content collaboration as well as communication technology. Yealink has transformed the market with their focus on high-productivity and easy collaboration. Currently, Yealink is providing services to customers in more than 140 countries. For more information, please visit: Linkedin| Facebook| Twitter

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