In-App Communications

Improve Service, Reduce Churn, Reduce Costs

In-App Communications, Turns Choppy Experiences to Enjoyable ones

In a hyper engaged market, getting the full attention of your customer is hard. Contextual communications ensures your customers don't lose focus of your application.

Keeping Your Customer In Sight

Most businesses are afraid of in-app communications, in fact, many businesses believe that using in-app communications and VoIP technologies is unreliable.

Reality proves differently, as VoIP based calling is as reliable (sometimes even more) as traditional voice calling technologies. Companies as Uber had transitioned to in-app communications – dramatically reducing their annual spend on voice calling, while at the same time increasing the privacy of their passengers and drivers. While the transition took Uber almost 2 years to complete, Cloudonix’s in-app communications tools get you there FASTER!

Our mobile and web SDKs enable businesses to rapidly integrate in-app communication capabilities. In fact, some of our customers managed to integrate our mobile SDK in as little as 4 hours, while our web SDK provides similar web-based experience in as little as 30 minutes.

Don’t take our word for it – read the story of Cubed Mobile, a revolutionary communications service for the BYOD market. Cubed Mobile leverages the power of the Cloudonix mobile SDK and platform, to create one of the most disruptive communications service in the world.

Contextual Communications Advantage

Reduce Costs

Stop wasting valuable funds on phone numbers and call minutes. With In-app communications, these are a thing of the past.

Security and Privacy

Protect the identity of your customers and employees. Be it ride hailing or delivery services, our enhanced security and privacy ensures your customers and service is well protected

Reduce Customer Churn

Every time your customer goes outside of your application, you are risking the loss of that customer. With In-app communications, your customer remains within your experience - ensuring lower customer churn.

Simple to integrate, Simple to use

Setting up your Work-From-Anywhere solution with Cloudonix is simple and easy. Simply connect your contact center to Cloudonix via a standard VoIP connection (Standard SIP) – just like you would connect any telephony carrier. Provision your agents as subscribers in Cloudonix. Set up your queues to route calls to your agents via Cloudonix – that’s it, you’re done.

You are in full control of routing, reporting, management and monitoring – all performed via your existing system.

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