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In-App Communications

In-App or In-Web, close sales 3 times faster. Say goodbye to callback forms.

What is In-App Communications?

Services, like Uber, are adopting in-app communications. In-app (or in-web) voice calling is now mandatory. Cloudonix’s solution is easy to use and affordable, thus attainable.

Our Elastic Communications network is loved by our customers. Its ease of use and superb voice quality, delivered the way you want it, where you need it.

Goodbye Click-2-Callback. Hello Web-2-Call.

When it comes to sales, speed and responsiveness are the key metrics. How many visitors you can get to your website? landing page? open an email message? – the problem is, as many visitors you may get to your page, if they fill a form with information – and no one calls them within 5 minutes, that lead cools down at an exponential rate.

With Web-2-Call you can easily convert the “form submission” into an inbound-call into your sales call center. The lead doesn’t need to wait for a callback, it is automatically converted. Your lead doesn’t wait in queue, doesn’t need to fill any additional forms – a rapid conversion with an even faster sale closure.

Cloudonix provides your sales team with a cutting-edge tool, converting visitors immediately to leads. Turning simple web forms to web voice calls. Click here for a small demo.

In-App Communications De-Mystified

In-app communications enable application developers to add voice communications to any native mobile applications. With customer service playing a key factor to service success, the ability to provide customers with a secure, private and economical method of communications becomes crucial.

Uber identified its usage of traditional CPaaS services, around the world, hinders their customers ability to communicate with drivers. With the introduction of in-app calling, Uber enabled their customers and drivers to communicate, regardless of their location, country of origin or adding any new ‘customer’ costs – while at the same, reduced their own costs significantly.

Whether you are building a consumer application or simply adding Wi-Fi calling to an existing mobile carrier – Cloudonix In-app calling capabilities can get you there faster. For a FREE consultation call and an evaluation of your requirements, click here.

In-App Communications Benefits

  • Carrier Agnostic
  • Codec Agnostic
  • Autoscaling and Global
  • Highly Available
  • Dynamic Global Media Re-Routing
  • Integrates at ease
  • Work seamlessly with Chrome, Firefox or Native applications
  • Perfect Audio Quality
  • Rich Developer APIs and SDKs
  • A No Risk Usage Approach

There is much more to learn. For a FREE consultation call, click here.
Read our use case to learn more about our integration process.


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