Conversion Rate
Pre-emptively tell sales what product the customer is currently looking at, before they even call.
Abandonment Rate
Recoup abandoned sales using direct customer to agent call links.
Engage on
Multiple Channels
Provide seamless integration across web browsers and native mobile applications.
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Grow Revenues with Cloudonix

Cloudoninx enables businesses to radically improve conversion rates and deal closure ratios. Businesses are well versed at optimising their online media. Ranging from online advertisement through offline billboards – businesses are well suited and equipped with the correct tools. Cloudonix’s platform and developer SDK’s enable businesses to enrich normal phone calls, with customer generated data – ensuring every call starts with a higher chance of closing a sale.

Grow Revenues

Improve Sales Conversion

Web-2-Call (W2C) is the ultimate sales conversion tool. Assign a unique W2C link to each product in your catalog, ensuring that sales staff know what product the customer wants – even before picking up the phone. 

Providing your contact center system with pre-emptive knowledge, as to what the customer needs or wants, enables proper direct-to-agent routing, ensuring that each customer always gets the best possible sales agent to talk to.


Reduce Abandonment

Over 82% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Till now, shopping cart abandonment treatment has been limited to emails and messaging.

With W2C, a direct-to-agent call link can be sent to the abandoned cart owner. Once the cart owner had clicked the W2C link, he is immediately connected to an agent, that will help them complete their purchase. 

Statistics show that transactions conducted over a voice conversation are 78% more likely to close, than regular online transactions.