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Use Case - Web Calling
Use Case - Web Calling

Web Calling, or Super Click-2-Call, enables rapid conversion of landing page visitors into sale leads – by connecting a web visitor to a sales rep, on the phone, immediately.

A Network Ready Solution

We get it – expanding your voice network is both complex and expensive. Global networking, disaster recovery, regulatory conditions – they all make up for a complex reality. By hooking up a simple SIP trunk between the Cloudonix network and yours, you will gain automatic access to our complete global network – providing you a global network footprint, in as little as 30 minutes.


Add Features

  • High Definition Audio
  • Ease of Integration
  • WebRTC to SIP Bridging
  • Voice APIs
  • Messaging APIs
  • Mobile SDKs (Android and iOS)
  • Web SDK (Chrome and Firefox)
  • As little as 30 minutes to integrate

Engineered with Love

  • Globally Available
  • Massively Scalable
  • Latency Optimization
  • On-The-Fly Transcoding
  • Command and Control API
  • Command Line Control Tool
  • Black-Box Solution
  • Integrates like a SIP Trunk

Sensible Economics

  • Pay-as-you-Grow pricing Model
  • No Per Minute Charges
  • No Per DID Charges
  • Customer Obfuscation
  • New Features - Today!
  • Predictable Expenses

In a world of rapidly changing requirements and global expansion, being able to scale your network rapidly is crucial. Cloudonix’s Global Voice network enables you to stay ahead of the curve, enabling new services and revenue streams – faster than before.

Use the calendar box to schedule your meeting with a telecom expert – and learn more about how Cloudonix can massively expand your network and reduce your costs.


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