From Competitor to Coopitator

Building a start-up company isn’t easy. Every sale, meeting ,or investor raises difficult questions and challenges. As the company grows and matures – some questions seem to repeat themselves – in most cases, 2 or 3 questions repeat – regardless of your growth and success. In Cloudonix’s case, these questions were always related to Cloudonix’s market competitors, its advantage and how will Cloudonix confront and manage these challenges. 

Particularly, one name always came up in the discussion: Twilio.


Without going into too many technical details, most people believe that Cloudonix and Twilio are competitors. Cloudonix never positioned itself as "Yet Another Twilio Clone" or "Yet Another Twilio Competitor." No Sir, this is not what we stand for. Twilio is a wonderful platform, a mature eco-system of solutions, technology and well-defined workflows.

As such, Twilio is well positioned to address multiple market needs – directly addressing 80% of the market customer potential. The other 20% are either unaddressed – or are addressed via integration of multiple solutions, alongside Twilio’s platform. The newly formed collaboration between Twilio and Cloudonix presents new opportunities for both companies. Combining Twilio’s complete suite of Enterprise services (Twilio Flex, etc.) – coupled with Cloudonix’s unique cloud platform – brand new opportunities emerge.

The Cloudonix xSIM Advantage

When talking about CPaaS SIM services, today, these are mostly limited to Data and SMS services. Why the limitation? Simple – most CPaaS SIM Solutions are based upon SIM roaming solutions. Data and SMS are economically sensible with roaming services, however, voice services are incredibly expensive. Cloudonix’s xSIM product directly addresses this problem. Cloudonix xSIM doesn’t just roam – it works at the local carrier network. 

Working at the local carrier level has many advantages, however it poses multiple technical challenges and complications. Cloudonix is designed to address these with an “Open Network Access” approach – so that it can interconnect and work with any carrier. Most CPaaS providers are geared to address one or two scenarios – consciously selecting not to  cater a significant market share. Combining Cloudonix xSIM capabilities with Twilio’s enterprise services create a brand new set of services and possibilities.

A Blue Ocean of Opportunities

The collaboration with Twilio opens new opportunities and use-cases for Cloudonix. Ranging from enabling Twilio to interconnect with previously inaccessible equipment, through providing joint customers with new and exciting capabilities (e.g. upcoming Cloudonix TeamsConnect) – we see a blue ocean of opportunities and potentials.

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