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Elastic Communications

Supercharge your VoIP network. Reduce costs and increase revenues in 10 minutes.

What is Elastic Communications?

Twilio™ and Nexmo™ introduced Voice APIs. Cloudonix adds Voice APIs to VoIP enabled carriers, thus supercharging their networks.

Use our elastic communications infrastructure to off-load transcoding, add APIs and add new features – in just 10 minutes.

Make each minute count

Communications business is all about minutes – call minutes. The cost of call minutes is directly related to your network infrastructure, its size, the number of engineers support it and more. By off-loading costly tasks, such as transcoding, media route optimization and global expansion – you’ll gain control over your cost structure, while expanding your network on a global scale.

Voice APIs – Your New Revenue Stream

Enabling your customers to build new voice applications on your network is crucial. As businesses expand, they seek new ways to interact with their customers – in many cases, over the phone. Customer care, sales queries, banking transactions – all made available via a phone call. Voice APIs represent both growth in minutes and increased profits per minute – a win-win combination for carriers.

WebRTC – De-mystified

WebRTC is the “term de-jour” for advanced business communications and customer interactions. Voice, video and messaging capabilities, all wrapped into a tight delivery package. Businesses (namely call centers and carriers) are confronted with a reality, where WebRTC is mandatory – however, the lack of proper standards and interoperability between vendors – makes the integration costly and solutions are unclear.

Cloudonix make the integration of WebRTC services a breeze – as simple as connecting a SIP trunk to your existing VoIP network. Cloudonix’s WebRTC-2-SIP bridging solution adds these capabilities to your network, without you needing to change your network or add any infrastructure. For a FREE consultation call with a WebRTC expert, that will rapidly evaluate your need and provide you with in-depth understanding, click here.

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

BYOC is taking over the communications industry. Platform providers allow customers to connect their own carriers. Thus, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a rich API, using their own assets.

While BYOC democratized access and utilization, it comes at a cost. Communication platforms still charge a per-minute usage fees.

Elastic Communications and BYOC

We believe in BYOC – we designed out infrastructure and business around it. Thus, we encourage our customers to bring their own carriers, interconnect and build their own unique solution. If you are unsure about what carrier to connect, or maybe you would like to get our assistance in connecting to a carrier – don’t worry, we got your covered. Just join our community #slack channel and talk to one of our engineers.

Elastic Communications Benefits

  • Carrier Agnostic
  • Codec Agnostic
  • Autoscaling and Global
  • Highly Available
  • Dynamic Global Media Re-Routing
  • Standards Compliant (SIP Signaling)
  • On The Fly Transcoding
  • Local Media Access in 48 Locations
  • Rich Developer APIs and SDKs
  • A No Risk Usage Approach

There is much more to learn. For a FREE consultation call, click here.
Read our use case to learn more about our integration process.


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