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As the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, restaurants and fast-food chains are forced to re-think their service strategy. Cloudonix enables these to radically transform their online assets to revenue generation machines.

Customer Description

With over 1,700 franchise locations, multinational and national fast-food companies are taking advantage of Cloudonix’s Web Voice SDK to transform their direct-to-consumer service.

Fast-Food franchises are notorious for being highly demanding and competitive. With a potential competitor outlet, of the same brand, opening in your street – the risk of churning out customers is high. Franchisees are required to provide their loyal customer base with a simple way to connect. As geo-fencing based advertisement becomes more accurate, the ability to convert a customer rapidly is crucial. 

(Note that this is a combination of several customers). 

The Challenge

As on-location dining becomes more challenging, the transition to take-away and delivery services rises. However, as the transition to these occur, the process of serving inbound customer orders changes. Establishments that previously were required to handle no more than 2-3 concurrent phone based orders – are now easily confronted with 20 or more orders. This of course presents a challenge – where the establishment isn’t inclined to change existing infrastructure or add more costs to their communications services.

The situation above immediately led many establishments to losing inbound calls and orders, as they were unable to handle the inbound flux.

The Selected Solution

Using the Cloudonix Web SDK, established restaurants and fast-food chains were able to transform their website to “voice calling” capable websites. This transition enabled these to enhance the number of inbound calls to their business, without changing their existing workflow and on-premise infrastructure.

A survey we conducted among our customers showed the following as the primary advantages:

  • Enabling multiple inbound “web calls” with distinct identification of website page view, enabled the ordering person to handle inbound calls faster and more efficiently.
  • As customers transitioned to “web calling” the use of traditional PSTN lines lowered – and thus also the monthly telecom services bill.
  • Some establishments, with multiple locations in a single geo-fenced area, had created fallback capabilities – ensuring that customers always get served by a potential other franchise of the same brand – without the customer needing to call a new location.

Long Term Benefits

Not only were the restaurants able to get their staff back to work, they were able to expand their call capacity while reducing costs. In a simulation we conducted with a global fast-food brand, Cloudonix proved to be 75% more cost effective, compared to existing communications solutions. 

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