Contextual Communications

Smarter Voice Calls - For Happier Customers

Contextual Communications, Putting 'Care' back to 'Customer Care'

In a hyper engaged market, getting the full attention of your customer is hard. Contextual communications ensure your customers are serviced rapidly - without losing their attention.

Stellar Customer Care is Key

You are the best at what you do, your product or service is amazing and your customers love it. Providing exceptional customer-care is important – but incredibly difficult.

Ranging from confusing voice menus (IVR) through multiple agent transfers – your customers think you’re actively trying to make it impossible. When it comes to customer care, a little “care” can go a long way.

Cloudonix’s Contextual Communications tools enable you to service your customers, right where they are – be in on the web or a mobile application. A rapid response solution, that engages your customers when they need it, where they’re located.

Contextual Communications Advantage

Rapid Response

Provide fast, accurate customer care. No more useless identification questions, pointless agent transfers or confusing menus.

Cross Platform

Work seamlessly across multiple platforms. Fully compatible with major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) and native mobile applications (Android and iOS).

Economically Sane

Faster Service leads to less agents required to handle the same number of cases. Coupled with a highly disruptive flat-rated pricing model - Cloudonix's service economics work for you.

Simple to integrate, Simple to use

Setting up your Work-From-Anywhere solution with Cloudonix is simple and easy. Simply connect your contact center to Cloudonix via a standard VoIP connection (Standard SIP) – just like you would connect any telephony carrier. Provision your agents as subscribers in Cloudonix. Set up your queues to route calls to your agents via Cloudonix – that’s it, you’re done.

You are in full control of routing, reporting, management and monitoring – all performed via your existing system.

Connect Any System

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