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Medical Rights Provider, impacted by Covid-19, restores customer care.

Working through a channel partner (Callbox) in Israel, Livnat Poran - a medical rights realization company, restored their care and sales operations - using the Cloudonix Work-From-Anywhere (WFA) solution.

Customer Description

Livnat Poran providers consumers with Medical Rights realization. Working with closely with government authorities and insurance companies, Livnat Poran provide a means to enable consumer to obtain critical funds and assistance from insurance companies and the authorities. 

On average only 26% of citizens who independently file a compensation claim or disability pension to Social Security are able to receive compensation. In contrast, applying to a private company (like Livnat Poran) to exercise the rights guarantees a success of 90%.

The Challenge

The company utilizes a fairly old contact center platform, coupled with an analytics solution provided by Callbox.

During the Covid-19 outbreak in Israel (mid-march 2020), due to health regulations, the company was no longer able to operate its contact center. The company, had approached our channel partner for a potential solution.

While building the solution, the following challenges were observed:

  • Remote agents were connecting utilising multiple sets of infrastructure (4G Network, DSL lines, Cable, etc)
  • Remote agents were connecting to an office VPN service for remote terminals
  • Remote agents were connecting a central Windows Terminal Server for their CRM operations.

Coupled with the health regulations, the above presented a challenge that had crippled the company from providing services.

The Selected Solution

Using the Cloudonix Work-From-Anywhere (WFA) solution they were able to bring their contact center back on-line and have them work remotely.

The technical solution included the following:

  • Remote agents would log-on to the remote terminal server via a VPN connection.
  • Once the agent logged on, a remotely located softphone was launched, connecting it to the Cloudonix platform.
  • The Cloudonix platform was then connected to the Callbox analytics solution, to enable proper inbound/outbound analytics and recording

As the solution was deployed, various technical issues arose – namely from the companies lack of proper Internet connectivity and bandwidth requirements. These were mitigated by replacing traditional telephony codecs with high-compression and low-bitrate codecs, such as Opus, to enable high-definition audio to the contact center agents.

Work-From-Home vs. Work-From-Anywhere

Why do we refer to Work-From-Home (WFH) as Work-From-Anywhere (WFA)? In a study we conducted, 60% of the contact center managers we interviewed, have indicated that post Covid-19 at least 50% of their staff will be working remotely. 

The question of “remote working” is no longer limited to working from home. Companies such as Google, Salesforce and LivePerson are rapidly adopting a work methodology where their employee can “attain” a remote office for themselves. Thus, the “Work-From-Home” concept is replaced with “Work-From-Anywhere”. As employees start roaming from one physical location to another, their network conditions change. Bandwidth, latency, carriers – all change, sometimes several times a day. “Home” becomes a fixed location with a well defined infrastructure, while “Anywhere” is completely agile. 

Businesses, specifically these with enhanced security protocols and procedures, are ill equipped to handle the agility of work location. Ranging from support multiple infrastructures, through multi-homed deployments, WFA becomes a significant challenge. This is  why we decided to adopt the “Anywhere” paradigm – to ensure that our solution adapts to any potential networking or deployment scenario. 

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