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Cubed Mobile is a revolutionary communications service. Providing customers with a "second device" mobile experience, Cubed Mobile enables its customers to enjoy a in-device encrypted/secured mobile experience.

Customer Description

Cubed mobile provides its customer with a data isolation solution, that enables two “mobile devices” to exist within a single one – a physical device and a virtual device. The virtual device provides a complete operating environment, coupled with mobile-app cloning and full data isolation.

The Challenge

Originally, Cubed mobile enabled a solution that enabled a single device to be inter-connected with multiple solution providers. This presented both an operational and development challenge.

In addition to the above challenge, Cubed mobiled is a global company, providing services in various parts of the world. This presents an issue with proper media route optimization, ensuing proper audio quality, regardless of where the mobile application user is located in the world.

Cubed mobile required a solution that will provide them with a complete mobile application development lifecycle. A communications mobile SDK (for Android and iOS), a communications platform and a full set of developers APIs to support their needs.

The Selected Solution

Using the Cloudonix in-app communications solution, Cubed mobile were able to consolidate their existing “multi-platform” implementation into a single platform one. By leveraging the Cloudonix global network and media optimization technology, media latency that is normally observed on public Internet links (up-to 600ms in some cases), is drastically reduced. The technical solution included the following:
  • A mobile SDK for VoIP integration
  • A single routing logic connected to the Cloudonix Smart Cloud Voice platform
  • Interconnection with multiple inbound/outbound carriers – enabling a cingular point of management and control
  • A fully secured solution – utilizing Cloudonix’s TLS and SRTP transits for all devices
  • A highly secured call control capability, using Cloudonix’s RegFree Dialing™ Technology

Reinvent Your Customer Experience with In-App Communications

Be it a mobile application or a web application, your customers are the key to your success. As demands for a better customer experience grow, companies are racing towards a complete contextual communications experience. Providing customers with a complete in-app communications solution.

Companies as Uber invested millions into creating their own in-app communications capability – aiming for a complete application/communications ubiquitous customer experience. However, most companies are unable to develop a complete in-house solution – and thus, tend to fallback to the old traditional telephony capabilities.

Cloudonix’s mobile SDK and Smart Cloud Voice platform enable in-app communications to be developed at ease, ensuring that your business focuses on what’s important – while Cloudonix’s platform will take care of all the rest.

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