Traveling: Making Things Right Doesn’t Have to be so Complicated


By Jack Fascowich

In this fast-paced world, companies are attempting to offer their customers the most efficient and best service. Surprisingly, there are still many industries that are not fully accomplishing this goal, and expose themselves to a poor customer experience. 

One of these industries is the travel industry. Imagine a scenario where you are going on a relaxing vacation; you travel by airplane for a couple of hours and can’t wait to get to the hotel you reserved as a bundle package with the flight. Then, you get to the front desk of the hotel to check in but unfortunately hear the words, “We can’t find your reservation in our system.” You are immediately annoyed by the situation, so you contact the company that sold you the bundle directly. At this moment, your experience can go in one of two ways.

The current way would go as follows:

The futuristic way would go as follows:

  • You try to contact the company through emails and wait for a response, or if you are lucky, they have a phone number you can call. 
  • After various emails or a lengthy automated phone message, you are eventually directed to an agent that can help you.
  • You give your confirmation number and personal details to the agent.
  • You explain the issue to the agent and eventually, the agent is able to find your reservation and resolve the issue.

This whole process took at least 20 minutes.

  • You call the company you booked the bundle from and they are able to find who you are and your reservation immediately through the call center’s technology.
  • You explain the issue to the agent, and he provides you immediately with your reservation details.


It takes you only about 5 minutes to get your room reservation since you made the call because they knew who you were as soon as you called.


Unfortunately, this scenario is a common issue. Once it occurs, you immediately expect a lengthy and frustrating process to resolve it, but it doesn’t have to be like that. The future is here. There is a better option. As a customer, your experience should not be taken for granted, and your issues deserve to be addressed in the most efficient way possible. 

As a company, you can do better. Come talk to Cloudonix.

Contextual information- the information used by contextual communications that is actionable or supplemental and makes the end customer interaction more meaningful and personal- allows calls centers to create a better and more profitable customer interaction.

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