The Cloudonix World Tour


Cloudonix is touring the world – Come meet us

The best way to learn more about Cloudonix, our product, our plans and our product road map for the year is to talk to us in person. If you plan on attending any of the below events, simply send an email to to schedule some time with us.

2018 Schedule

Come meet us in the US

February 2018        ITEXPO

ITExpo/Asterisk World, Feb 14-16 2018, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Wednesday, Feb 14

Thursday, Feb 15

October 2018

Astricon, Oct 9-11 2018, Orlando, FL

Come meet us in Europe

May 2018            

Kamailio World 2018, May 14-16 2018, Berlin, Germany

June 2018             

CommCon 2018, June 25-29 2018, Surrey, United Kingdom

Cloudonix will be sponsoring the CommCon 2018 Happy Hour

Wednesday, Jun 27
  • Nir Simionovich will be running an ARI Developers workshop, with PHP-ARI, at 2:50 – 5:00 PM, the VoIP Track
  • Eric Klein will be presenting “Case Studies – Managing VoIP Systems”, at 9:50 – 10:30 AM, the VoIP Track

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The customer service that is offered by call centers is being progressively offered at the expense of the customer and high costs. Far too often customers are forced to waste good portions of their day attempting to reach a representative that can help them or punching in policy numbers and repetitively verifying themselves for security purposes. All of these issues and more are eradicated by call centers that has implement contextual communications as part of their service.
Imagine for a minute that it’s a beautiful day out and you’re driving alone down a suburban road singing along with the radio. You pull up to a four-way stop, see you are the only car there, and proceed through the intersection…