Cloudonix Certifies Cetis VoIP Hotel Phones

August 21, 2018 (Netanya / Huntsville) Cloudonix, the game changing cloud communications backbone, has certified the new Cetis GEN3 IP Hotel Phones. This certification comes after rigorous testing of the new Cetis VoIP phones to ensure ease of connectivity and the best quality service for customers. The Cetis VoIP phone joins over 20,000 devices and VoIP providers that have been certified to work on the Cloudonix platform. The Cetis phones were connected as end-points on for an application running on the Cloudonix platform. Certification testing included call inception, call completion, and call quality. “Cloudonix is pleased to certify the new GEN3 Cetis VoIP phones,” said Eric Klein, “this helps expand our relationship with the leader of the hospitality market telephones. We look forward to continuing our work with Cetis for many more years to come. It is not just a privilege to work with them, but also a pleasure.” According to John Grubb, Senior VP Marketing, Cetis, Inc., “This product certification and our longstanding partnership with Cloudonix mark important milestones in the delivery of Cetis VoIP telephone solutions. We looking forward to deploying our industry-leading Cetis VoIP telephone design families via the Cloudonix platform, to meet the telephony, branding, and décor requirements of businesses globally.” The Cloudonix team looks forward to our ongoing relationship with Cetis. About Cloudonix: Cloudonix® offers top-notch, high-quality voice, text and video communication services that enable apps, enterprises and telecom companies to boost customer retention, ensure privacy, reduce costs and increase revenues. This unique service is configured to suit all communication devices, from phones to connected cars, providing secure and scalable IP-based services for consumers worldwide. Cloudonix delivers maximum communication anywhere, anytime – even in areas with low connectivity. Cloudonix is HIPAA, FCA and GDPR compliant, with a proven track record that spans 10 years and over 10 million users across the globe. More information is available at Contact Maor Rudick Cloudonix +1 805 410 1010 About Cetis Cetis, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures, and supports Teledex®, TeleMatrix® and Scitec® branded telephones, and related Cetis-branded telephony and non-telephony products. Designed for hospitality, healthcare, education, retail, and government applications, Cetis products are preferred or approved by all major hotels and leading organizations globally. More information is available at   Contact: John Grubb Senior Vice President of Marketing +1.217.898-7610 The Cloudonix logo, Cloudonix, YouCloud, WeCloud, and Geo Media are trademarks of Cloudonix, Ltd. Teledex®, TeleMatrix® and Scitec®  are trademarks of Cetis, Inc.

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