Gaming and Customer Care, Learning from Nintendo and Epic

Most Gamers Are Engaged With Other Players via Voice Conversations – either in-game or via 3rd parties Gaming (specifically MMORPG games) and customer care have much in common. If you are an avid gamer – you’re probably thinking “WTF? I don’t see any commonality!” If you’re a customer care professional, you’re probably thinking “WTF? I’m […]

In-App Communications – Myth Busting

In-App Communications – It’s Better Than You Think Since the early 2000’s, VoIP and particularly mobile VoIP is suffering from bad rep. Most businesses (and to an extent network engineers and communication consultants) believe that VoIP in general is a low quality alternative to traditional telephony. In addition, when asked – most will indicate that […]

Work From Home Jobs, A look into the future

“Work-From-Home” searches across the US in the past 7 days. Work From Home searches are surging, a clear indicator that the workforce of the future is changing dramatically. All FAANG companies already announced that their employees will not be required to return to the office, till at least June 2021 – while their employees sound […]

0800 Numbers are killing your business

0800 numbers, we have come to love them. They had become so rooted into our culture and economic system, that in some countries, they are a regulatory requirement for enterprises facing consumers. Can you imagine your life without calling your credit card company or your bank? If they don’t supply you with an 0800 number, […]

The Regional CPaaS

The CPaaS revolution (Communications Platform as a Service) officially started almost 10 years ago. It’s roots can be traced back to the original inception of the Open Source communications disruption, when open source projects such as Asterisk and Kamailio had been adopted by carriers and start-ups worldwide, to create brand new services and business opportunities.