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In-App communications
for mobile and web


App-2-App (In-App) Communications

In-app communications are rapidly taking the place of traditional telephony. With services such as Uber rapidly adopting in-app communications, the ability to communicate directly from a mobile application or web browser is becoming a mandatory requirement.

Cloudonix’s mobile and web developer SDK’s make the process as easy as 1-2-3. Integration into existing mobile applications can be as short as 4 hours and into existing web applications as short as 30 minutes.

Our customers enjoy not only a simple and concise method of integration, but also a robust global network, thus ensuring perfect audio quality for each and every call. No omre choppy audio, no more costly DID numbers, no more costly call minutes. A simple, over the top (OTT) service- delivered the way you want it, where you need it. 


Click-2-Call is a thing of the past – it is costly, complicated, insecure – and mostly annoying. As a marketer you know, the best time to talk to a lead is when he wants to buy. Forms, click-2-call and other traditional ‘lead acquisition’ techniques enable your lead to ‘cool-down’ – making your CAC go higher.

Web-2-Call enables visitors to any web page communicate directly from the page to your sales staff. No complicated forms, no costly click-2-call solutions – a simple JavaScript that converts any visitors to a live-call with your sales staff.

Don’t let your leads cool down – use Web-2-Call and capture your leads when they are RED HOT.


App-2-app communications are rapidly replacing traditional click-2-call and phone number obfuscation techniques. Schedule a meeting with one of our application engineers, to learn more about how app-2-app communications can dramatically improve your customer experience.

Use the calendar box to schedule your meeting with an application expert (please make sure to indicate if your application is a mobile application or a web application) – and learn more about how Cloudonix improves customer experiences and reduces corporate customer care costs.


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