Cloudonix offers top-notch, high-quality voice, text, and video communication services that enable apps, enterprises, and telecom companies to boost customer retention, ensure privacy, reduce costs and increase revenues. This unique platform is configured to suit all communication devices, from phones to connected cars, providing secure and scalable IP-based services for consumers worldwide.

Cloudonix delivers maximum communication anywhere, anytime – even in areas with low connectivity.
A Greenfield spin-off, Cloudonix is HIPAA, FCA and GDPR compliant, with a proven track record that spans 10 years and over 10 million users across the globe.

Your Communication Partner

A Team with a Vision

Meet our Cloudonix team of experts who specialize in VoIP, network intelligence, and data 
communications. Working hard to resolve large-scale in-app communication challenges, our team has developed a cutting-edge cloud-communication infrastructure – especially for you.  Take advantage of the unique Cloudonix New Telco approach and its unmatched pricing model.

The Management

Nir Simionovich

CEO and Founder
[Board Member and Chairman]

Eric Klein

[Board Member]

Oded Arbel

[VP R&D]

Our teams have fun working together
to deliver unique communication services.

The Team

David Bereslavich

DevOps Manager

Naama Gertel

Jr. Developer

Maor Rudick


Nili Simionovich

Office Manager

Gal Yakir