A look into Our
2022/2023 Roadmap

Our innovation and progress is based upon two things: our customers’ happiness and our corporate technology values. To understand our roadmap, you must first understand our values.

Cloudonix OpenConnectors™

  • SalesforceConnect™

    Using the Salesforce Open CTI to connect calls from Cloudonix into the Salesforce Lightning Experience CRM, providing the ability to make and take calls in the Service Console app alongside their other work via Cloudonix.

  • TeamsConnect™

    Enabling any VoIP operator to use Cloudonix to connect to Microsoft Teams expanding the number of carriers available for enterprises using MS Teams.

  • logo_twilio_white


    By using Cloudonix and the Cloudonix xSIM™ any CPaaS (Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo, etc.) will be able to provide new services to their customers by directly connecting to local carriers, supporting that "other 20%" of situations that are currently unaddressed.

Customer Features

  • Self Onboarding and Service

    Self onboarding for SME customers with automatic credit card payments. This is targeting our smaller customers (up to $1,000 MRR) that want to automate the process. This will also enable us to offer special Start-Up and other deals to help build up our customer base. Larger customers will continue to pay by wire transfer.

Open Source Inititatives

  • Open Source fraud prevention for Enterprise communications and Microsoft Teams.

    This will let each customer look at their call patterns and identify unusual increases. Enabling both enterprise and carrier customers to better understand their call patterns, as well as expand on the fraud prevention called for under the recent SHAKEN STIR requirements, that are currently not available on many carrier platforms.

This list is subject to change as items are completed and new items are added.

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